Sm-art Social Media Starter Kit

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If you’re a brand today, there’s a non-zero chance you’re on social media in some way, shape, or form. Algaari Arts helps you get started


For Start-ups and SMEs offer the Brand Visual Identity that your company and revolutionary ideas deserve!
We know you are working on pioneering, world-changing ideas and technology, with unprecedented potential.
We are here to help you.
With the vision to make India the leading incubator for start-ups in different sectors, making our country the Next Silicon Valley.
Lets together envision India as the pioneers of new technology, self-sufficient agricultural and energy models, and experimental educational set-ups, and make life easier, one idea at a time.
Let us help you in materializing this goal,
Let us become the voice of professional aesthetics and A-class level Social Media Design to capture the world and invoke local and international interest.
Let us collaborate and facilitate a safe corridor for younger minds to create an identity.
An Indian Identity of Intelligence, Excellence, and Self-sustainability.

Let us help you leave a legacy.

We are offering a custom sm-art a Starter Kit for Social Media for your company.

What is included?

1. Covers and Display Pictures for any 3 Social Media Platforms

2. Five Canva Templates for Basic Static/Dynamic Posts for any 3 Social Media Platforms

What is excluded, but can be provided at an additional expense?

1. Logo Design, Brand Style Guide, Mascot, Website Design and Development, Social Media Starter Kit, Any Other Offline/Online Marketing Materials.

Can be purchased at an additional cost – Click Here.

2. Copy/Content Writing

3. Social Media Management (Publishing, Advertising, Boosting)

4. Canva Pro for Teams/Premium Elements/Font File License for Commercial Use.

To be purchased by you if required.

5. Additional Formats, Revisions, Changes, or re-submissions post final delivery.

In case you require more revisions, formats, or further help post-final delivery, we can offer so at an additional cost. Get in Touch with Us for availing additional attributes.

5. Anything Additional

Any services not listed above (in the What’s included tab) are chargeable.

How does it Work?

1. Purchase:

Add the product to your cart, create an account/login with your email ID and purchase it through your desired payment method.

2. Pre-Production: Check Inbox

You will receive an email from us requesting the required creative brief in the form of a questionnaire. Fill it up and click submit.

3. Production Phase

Within 5 to 7* working days, You will receive an update.

With a steady feedback mechanism** with you, we will narrow down the final designs

*Total Time taken is dependent on the promptness in input and feedback from your end.
**A list of revisions will be accepted a total of 1 time.

4. Final Delivery

All variations will be submitted as PNG/Canva Files

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Social Media Starter Kit

5 Canva Templates (Static/Dynamic Posts) for any 3 Social Media Platforms, Covers and Display Pictures for any 3 Social Media Platforms

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