What are our creative solutions?

Art has the magical power to capture ‘attention’.
It is the best way to get your message across.

Does your product need better visibility?
Does your company need more customers?
Do you need better tools to get the word out? 

Algaari Arts is here to help. We unleash the powers of the artistic creative approach to modern complex business problems and design strategies to get the desired results. 

Our unmatched expertise in designing/film-making/content writing/strategizing helps your business achieve its full potential. 

We grow when you do, and we will ensure that you do so that we can. These creative solutions are broadly categorized in the following 3 categories –

Algaari Vishwa
For Large Companies

Algaari Vishwa is our attempt at making the corporate universe a little more welcoming and comprehensible.

Our tools, be it a paintbrush, a stylus or a camera, all will churn out gold to make your esteemed organisation’s vibe stand out; it includes specially designed services nuanced with impeccable strategies involving professional production for Large Companies (>50 employees) with :

  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Photography and Video Production Services
  • Explainers and Training videos
  • Commissioned artwork for office spaces 

Providing creative solutions for your company.

Algaari Samsara
For Startups and SMEs

Algaari Samsara is designed for small businesses with small teams but with big dreams. It is an exclusive club where our core team handpicks a very few businesses out of the many inquiries we get. (1 to 50 employees).

Assisting your start-up to become the next big thing. These services are heavily discounted to help India realize the dream of a 5 trillion Dollar Economy. Get the support of the best in the industry at fraction of the cost. 

  • Brand Design and Rebranding Sm-art Kits,
  • Online and Offline Marketing Sm-art Kits,
  • Website Design and Development,
  • Social Media Sm-art Kits; 
Advocating Start-ups with revolutionary ideas, #VocalForLocal, #MadeInIndia

Please note: These are only available for Indian Companies- kindly select Algaari Vishwa if you are based outside India.

Algaari Netra
For Individuals

Algaari Netra is for individuals with great taste in art, and a knack for gifting and owning really memorable pieces. We present Algaari Haat (Shop) just for you, Now infuse art in your life, and share art with the people you love. 

Rekindle your creative spark, and celebrate the beautiful journey of life, with Algaari Netra.

  • Algaari Uphaar | Gifting Solutions
  • Algaari Vistaar | Interior Decor Kits
  • Algaari Abhyaas | Learn with Algaari
  • Sm-art Kits for Lekhak(Writers), Sangeetkaar(Musicians and Bands), Utsav(Family Events), etc
Helping you infuse art in all aspects of your life, through our curated collections.

Why Algaari Arts?

Time Efficient

We are a company of Integrity and Punctuality. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the value of time and we take deadlines very seriously.

Curated Kits

Our products and services are a result of thorough market research, through the experience of working in the industry for over a decade, we are able to design special requirement-based and Sector-based kits. Our experience has made us highly agile and flexible to ever-changing global needs. We only recommend and make what works. We will let you know what won’t.

No Out-of-the-Box Creativity

We do not provide out-of-the-box creative solutions because for us the box does not exist, never has, and never will. Our research and brainstorming ability is our core strength, we know what has been done and we are not the masters of that, we pride ourselves as trendsetters and trailblazers, and we lead for the world to follow.

Well-Defined Methodology

There’s a method to our madness. We handpick our projects. We give personal attention to each and every project and have created a frequent feedback mechanism to deliver work that satisfies your requirements.

Algaari Arts - Your One Stop Solution to all your Video Production, Digital Marketing, Designing and Art Requirements.

Let us infuse art into your life and Business.