Digital Marketing Solutions

By Algaari Vishwa | For Large Companies (50+ employees)

Creating a strong digital presence for you, ensuring sustained GROWTH.

Online businesses worldwide have experienced a sustained CAGR of 20% + over the last decade.
A lot of businesses were able to become unicorns by adapting the straightforward approach to their business, taking their product and services directly to the customers cutting the middleman by marketing themselves on various social media platforms. 

We bring to you experienced digital marketing gurus, and industry experts relevant to your sector coupled with exceptional designers and copywriters who have created multiple successful campaigns over the years, enabling your business to have a solid online presence which will ensure a sustained growth.

We make your online vibe unignorable and your call to action irrestible. 
We grow only when you do. We will make sure that we both do.

Digital Marketing Services

Creative Consultancy and Training

Coaching, Consulting, Training, Keynotes, Market Research, and Strategizing Campaigns for your Brand’s Digital and Tangible-palpable Presence.

We also train and provide consultation to you and your team; for your brand communications by creating strategies, tutorials combined with feedback loop so that you can make the most of your in-house resources to get effective and efficient results.

We help your marketing team grow beyond set industry standards while professionals with 10+ years of experience brainstorm to bring the success your brand deserves!

Advanced Website Design and Development

Website Conceptualization
Advanced Website Design and Development
Website Execution, Testing, and Debugging
Site Maintenance
Website Hosting
Domain-SSL Purchase and Installation
Payment Gateway Installation
Custom Email IDs

Social Media Management

Conduct Intensive and Exhaustive Market Research,
Conceptualize and Create a Digital Marketing Strategy,

Create Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Campaigns- based on brand needs.
Content Generation (Static and Dynamic)
Copywriting and Content Writing,
Execution on various Social Media Platforms.

Boosting and Advertising
Ad/campaign Management
Performance Marketing
Image Consultation for Founders

SEO Management

Customer Profiling and Market Research
Growth Potential Analysis
Keyword Mining and Analysis
Content and Image Optimisation on the website
Periodic revisions for better visibility
Daily back-ups for flawless performance
On-Page SEO
Technical SEO
Off-page SEO
Regular Analytics monitoring for optimisation

Creative Minds create

Branding Strategies and Campaigns!​​

Tell Your Story

Bring your brand to life with compelling storytelling through your Digital Presence

We make it Viral

Our Trendsetter design team and super tech-savvy digital gurus with decades of experience make your content viral.

We Evolve

Our process is well structured so that your inputs and approvals at various stages of the project result in a delightful result


Makes your business grow exponentially.

Algaari Arts - Your One Stop Solution to all your Digital Marketing and Creative Requirements.

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Why Hire Us?

Well-Defined Methodology

There’s a method to our madness. We handpick our projects. We give personal attention to each and every project and have created a frequent feedback mechanism to deliver work that satisfies your requirements.

No Out-of-the-Box Creativity

We do not provide out-of-the-box creative solutions because for us the box does not exist, never has, and never will. Our research and brainstorming ability is our core strength, we know what has been done and we are not the masters of that, we pride ourselves as trendsetters and trailblazers, and we lead for the world to follow.

Time Efficient

We are a company of Integrity and Punctuality. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the value of time and we take deadlines very seriously.