Orivo International

Case Study



Based in

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


1 Week in 2017

Project Outline

Logo Design

Logo Design for Orivo International

Orivo International, an agro-export company rooted in Bhopal, embarked on a quest to define its visual identity through a logo design project. With a palette of yellow and green, reflective of its agricultural essence, the logo aimed to encapsulate the company’s commitment to sustainable farming and global commerce.

The challenge was to craft a symbol that resonated with Orivo’s ethos while ensuring recognition and versatility across various mediums.

Through collaborative efforts and creative exploration, a timeless emblem emerged, symbolizing trust, excellence, and the vibrant cycle of nature. The yellow exuded the optimism of a bountiful harvest, while green embodied the vitality of sustainable agriculture.

The resulting logo not only represented Orivo International’s values but also positioned the brand as a beacon of quality and growth in the agro-export industry.